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Tax year 2017 tax packages are expected to be available online and mailed by mid-March 2018. Please allow seven days for receipt after mailing.

If you would like to be notified when 2017 tax packages are available via this site, please enter your email address in the Email Notification section.

If you have any questions regarding your tax package, please contact us using one of the methods provided in the Contact Information section.


PLEASE NOTE: If you also own Series A Preferred Units in Vanguard ("VNRAP") or Series B Preferred Units in Vanguard ("VNRBP") or Series C Preferred Units in Vanguard ("VNRCP"), you will receive a separate tax year 2017 K-1 from Vanguard Natural Resources, LLC as well.

You can also access your K-1s via the following web portals at:

To access Vanguard's website, please visit: www.vnrenergy.com  

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